Population Data Analysis of Mission San Juan Capistrano

I'm currently finishing two books, one on Saint Junípero Serra's time in Orange County and Mission San Juan Capistrano , and another expanded version of Bouchard's attack on the mission . In the mean time, I wrote this article analyzing population statistics at the mission during its years of operation. I will attempt to publish the footnoted version of this article in the future.   Population Data Analysis of Mission San Juan Capistrano            The policies of the Catholic Church required the missionaries in Spanish and Mexican Alta California (roughly 1769-1848) to record each baptism, marriage, and burial in all outposts in the province. Furthermore, the missionaries at each mission wrote annual reports that included data on the number of inhabitants, marriages, and burials at each mission. Additionally, the Father President (head of the missionaries of the province) wrote biannual reports to colonial authorities in Mexico reporting much of the same information. For

Saint Junípero Serra in Orange County (Excerpt) - San Juan Capistrano Visitor Series Part 5

The following is a short excerpt from my forthcoming book detailing  Saint Junípero Serra's time in Orange County and Mission San Juan Capistrano. I'm currently in the editing process with the assistance of some wonderful scholars, including Dr. Rose Marie Beebe, Dr. Robert Senkewicz, Dr. David Rex Galindo, Rev. William Krekelberg and Chris Jepson of the Orange County Historical Society. The footnotes have been removed for formatting reasons. More information is forthcoming. Serra’s Third Time in Orange County – The Founding of Mission San Juan Capistrano – c. October 26 - December 5, 1776         Serra departed from San Diego on October 25th with Corporal Nicolás Beltrán, ten leather-jacket soldiers, some Baja California Indians, and Father Gregorio Amurrió to reestablish Mission San Juan Capistrano. When they arrived a couple of days later, they found the cross still standing from the year before. Father Amurrió pointed out the spot where the bells had been buried and Beltr